We Want to Work With YOU!

Private lessons (virtual or in-person)

Private Lessons will be designed for the students specific needs after a consultation is had. This time can be used for technique building or choreography cleaning virtually or in person. Work with one or both of us! Starting at : $90/ hour

Master Classes (virtual or in-person)

D2D offers masterclasses in a variety of styles! Every class taught is created around the needs of the dancers with idea of success! Class genre options include but are not limited to: Leap and Turn Technique, Ballet or Jazz Technique for Competition Dancers, Progressions and Transitions, Contemporary Concepts, Jazz, Ballet, or Contemporary combos, and so much more. We cater to all levels and ages. Work with one or both of us! Starting at : $250 per class plus the cost of travel ( if applicable)


We are available for groups of all sizes, solos, and duet trios! Pricing will be based on muliple factors! Please fill out the contact form below for more information.

Virutal juding

For $20 per routine you will receive:

Two audio critiques per routine from Sydney and Stephanie Knudson.

Personalized and informative feedback

Technique Exercises geared toward the routine and dancers needs.

Competition Consulting

Hit a slump with your comp team?

It's time to set some goals! Burnout and lack of interest or commitment can sometimes come from lack of direction. All levels and sizes and ages of teams need goals to work towards. 

We will Start with a team goal like: better attendance, multiple team turns, stronger upper body, higher jumps, closer team relationships, charity activities. The list is endless and should be chosen to reflect what is most needed in your culture.

From there, we choose monthly concepts that drive those goals that can be worked on in class by each teacher. For example; If the goal for the studio is closer team relationships, one month is partners. Lessons designed to use teammates for balance, control and feedback. Each genre gives its own twist to the lesson plan. 

Once the monthly concepts are established, have each dancer set a goal for themselves. I have them write it on a piece of medical tape and put it in their ballet shoes:) Help the dancers to make them attainable and encourage them with parts of the lesson plan that aid them with their goal.

Putting the focus on the positive and the future helps the culture of the studio move beyond the present. Redirection of energy and focus will take care of burnout and give a whole new perspective towards the studio.

1 Day Workshop

Stephanie and Sydney will come to your studio and put on a 1 day workshop for you and your dancers, designed for YOU! We will work with each studio to design custom class styles and focuses. classes can be either technique or combination focused. Included will be a wrap up meeting with instructors and plans for continuing progression! Price will depend on number of dancers and classes!

For more Information and Bookings: