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Ballet Concepts Zone 1

Ballet Concepts Zone 1

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This guide will jump start your dancers into a solid Ballet foundation. Beginning Ballet Concepts Zone 1 is to be used as a curriculum guide for an entire year or MORE! It is designed to make lesson planning and class progression easy and effective!

This Curriculum Guide will Include: 

1. 8 Beginning Ballet Concepts 

2. Abdominal Circuits 

3. Concept Focused Strength Exercises

4. Concept Focused Adagio Combinations with Variations  

5.  Concept Focused Petite Allegro Combinations with Variations  

6. 24 Concept Focused Progressions with Variations

Included in this purchases is an easy to follow PDF guide with written instructions and a FREE bits chats session, aka 30 mins of support to chat about this guide and YOUR dancers!


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