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Contemporary Zone 2 Concepts

Contemporary Zone 2 Concepts

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This product describes the 9 concepts needed to be taught in Intermediate Contemporary. It is perfect for teachers looking for the ideas and concepts needed to progress their students through their beginning/ intermediate years of Contemporary Dance.It is advised to complete Contemporary and Ballet Zone 1 before moving into Contemporary Zone 2.

1. 9 Beginning / Intermediate Contemporary Concepts 

2. 2-4 Exercise Ideas ( bits) to Implement the Concept into the Classroom

3. The "Why" of the Importance of Each Concept

4. An Improvisation Progression that can be added to endlessly!

5.  Ability Checkpoints to Ensure Dancers are Ready to Move from Zone 1 to Zone 2

Included in this purchases is an easy to follow PDF guide with written instructions and a FREE bits chats session, aka 30 mins of support to chat about this guide and YOUR dancers!

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