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Technique and Conditioning Zone 1 Phase 1-4

Technique and Conditioning Zone 1 Phase 1-4

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Dance requires more than just grace these days! A dancer must have stamina and strength as well! Technique and Conditioning Zone 1 Phase 1-4 is the guide to build a dancers endurance, condition their bodies for performances, and enhance their technique through power. The exercises can be used as lesson plan supplementation or as a complete lesson plan for 4 weeks or more as it give a steady progression of each section!

This Guide Includes:

1. Warm Ups 

2. Abdominals 

3. Strength and Technique Building Exercises 

4. Cool Downs

Included in this purchases is an easy to follow PDF guide with written instructions and a FREE bits chats session, aka 30 mins of support to chat about this guide and YOUR dancers!

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