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What can I expect from a private lesson?

We will have a consulting meeting with the dancer or teacher to discuss what technique you are wanting to improve on. From there, we will design a session with exercises to target those issues. The lessons will conclude with additional variations to those exercises that can be built upon in order to strengthen their areas of concern. There can always be more than one session depending on the concerns and the progress. There will also be a check in scheduled to make sure the exercises are working the dancer towards their goals and adjusted depending on the needs of the issues.

What are the benefits from hiring D2D Dance Teacher for outside choreography?

The strongest benefit of hiring us is that we work to challenge and tailor our choreography to THE STUDENTS needs. After sending in a video of the dancers and discussing their technique levels, we will design choreography to highlight the dancers strengths. We always create movement to highlight their level and style for optimal success, while still giving them space to grow.

What to expect from a Virtual Judging Critique?

In a virtual judging critique we give written and audio commentary to a video you send to us. We give feedback on technical, performance, and spacial challenges that we believe may be hindering the score of the piece at competition. We will also include exercises to be used in the classroom to give further solutions for success and build confidence.

What can we expect from master classes with D2D?

We will have a consulting meeting with the studio director/ teachers about the technique strengths and challenges of the students being taught. From there, we will design a class or classes that center around those needs. We will create concepts and exercises designed to work on those areas of concern both in our class and moving forward. The exercises will be foundations, to building blocks, to new movements the studio can use to progress in whatever area they chose. We will also give combinations highlighting the technique used in the classes that will give the dancers the opportunity to put their hard work to the test. 

Can I hire just one of you for a master class, private, or choreography?

Yes, Absolutely!

What are the benefits to hiring both of you?

We work in tandem to create the most complete synopsis of what your studio, team, or dancers are looking for. We are a combination of traditional and contemporary teaching styles to bring about a well rounded experience while working with us.

What are travel costs?

Travel costs include transportation to and from. If the studio is 4 hours or less we will drive and then require the cost of fuel. We require additional accommodations if there is an overnight stay and lunch during the days we are working.

What will I recieve with a pre-made lesson plan download?

With your pre-made lesson plan download you will get a use guide, and a free 20 min consult with the creators. At this time you can ask any question in the book and the creators will convey how implement the lesson plan into the classroom successfully after it has been purchased. An email invite to book will come with in 48 hours of your purchase

What is a Bits Chat?

A Bits Chat is a 30 min zoom call with Sydney and/or Stephanie to discuss any dance topic or dive deeper into the plan you’ve purchased! A Bits Chat can also serve the purpose of diving deeper into student specificities and what can be done to enhance dance training whether it is with the purchase of a lesson plan or not.

What is the difference between a bits chat and a consultation?

Consultations are a 20 minute, free session that every client receives with the purchase of a lesson plan. They serve the purpose of communicating the “why” of each program and how to implement it into the classroom successfully after it has been purchased. An additional consultation is added when purchasing a custom lesson plan to discuss the needs and designs the client is looking for.

A Bits Chat is 30 mins and costs $30. These calls serve the purpose diving deeper into student specificities and what can be done to enhance their training. These can be scheduled if a teacher would like extra time discussing a program they have purchased or if they would just like to grab some extra “bits “ of information.

I dont see the lesson plan I am looking for.

We add new lesson plans all the time! Drop a suggestion to us and sign up for our email list to stay updated! We can also create the lesson plan for you in a custom order:)

Once I purchase my lesson plan, how will I recieve it?

Once purchased, every pre-made lesson plan will be able to be downloaded in PDF format and sent to you via email.

With custom plans, a PDF will be emailed to its purchaser.

Once a lesson plan is purchased an email will be sent to set up your optional 20 min free consultation with in 48 hours.

Are DaytoDay Lesson plans and guides for classes or individuals?

Both! The beauty of our lesson plans are their versatility in how they can be used and implemented. Clients can use a one lesson plan as a step by step class guide for a span of time, content supplementation for multiple classes and dancers, or training for one dancer!

Why was DaytoDay Dance Teacher created?

DaytoDay Dance Teacher was created to help dance teachers simply teach! Lesson planning can be so time consuming and complex. These problems also ring true with continuing education for dance teachers. With our lesson plans a dance teacher has new ideas and knowledge at their finger tips. Each Lesson Plan comes from two experienced teachers, judges, and dance professionals behind it, ready to help in any way they can!

Is there a specific genre or level of dancer DaytoDay Dance Teacher lesson plans are geared towards?

No! Our lesson plans are designed to be used for any type of dance genre ( with an exception for the specifically styled plans) and by any age and level of dancer!

Can I be refunded or return a purchased lesson plan?

No. We strive to create custom, high quality content and programming for you and your dancers. Due to the nature of product delivery, we are not able to offer any returns or refunds. If you are not satisfied with the quality or content of your lesson plan, let us know! We will be continually updating the content that is offered and if there’s a way we can make it better, we will.

What is the difference in phases and why do they have the same exercises?

The differences in the phases are subtle changes designed to progress the dancer while solidifying the foundation of the exercise. Repetition builds confidence and muscle memory. Dancers need time not just to learn an exercise or concept but understand what it does for their body.