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Jazz Zone 1 Concepts

Jazz Zone 1 Concepts

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Jazz curriculum for the Beginning Jazz classroom! This guide is a perfect way to ensure the foundation of a jazz dancer is taught without any training holes. With the purchase of Jazz Zone 1 Concepts lesson planning for each weeks class will be an absolute breeze with added confidence that your dances are being set up for success!

This Guide Includes: 

1. 7 Beginning  Jazz Concepts 

2. 2-4 Movements to Implement the Concept into the Classroom

3. The "Why" of the Importance of Each Concept

4. 3 Progressions Teaching the Concept with Variations

5. A Notes Section for Each Concept

Included in this purchases is an easy to follow PDF guide with written instructions and a FREE bits chats session, aka 30 mins of support to chat about this guide and YOUR dancers!

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